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Designers Veronica Pesantes and Jonnyka Bormann became best friends while doodling in a high school art class. Like many suburban teenage girls, they shared a love of boys, indie music, fashion, and fun. They also had big-time wanderlust and longed for a life filled with art, travel, meaning, and adventure. After graduating high school in Dallas, Veronica moved to Madrid to study art history and work at the Prado Museum. A year later, she suggested Jonnyka take a leap year and move to Spain. Soon Jonnyka joined her in the land of bullfighters and sangria to study studio art at an atelier in downtown Madrid.

The girls’ pursuits of art and fashion still continue, but Veronica calls sunny Miami Beach home while Jonnyka has returned to her roots and dug in her heels in Austin, TX. Now they have joined forces in a venture that encompasses what brought them together in the very beginning: creativity, travel, meaningful pursuits and a serious love of fashion. The Onikas, as they were known in high school, is their love child to you.

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